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Welcome to Mindfully_Black.  This site is meant to be a safe place to ask questions and find information/resources for mental health needs.  It is my goal to ensure access to mental health services for those who seek to find better ways to manage life's challenges and to change the stigma of mental health in minority communities.  Please browse the site to discover what Mindfully_Black is all about.

My Background

- Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of California. - Bachelor's degree in psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.- Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Mississippi College- Master's and Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Albizu University.  
- Neuropsychologist at Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area of California. Outpatient setting for Neurocognitive disorders, brain injuries, pre/post epilepsy surgery evaluations, etc.
Although neuropsychological evaluation is his current interest, Gregory remains committed to empowering the disenfranchised and helping others learn effective ways to manage their mental health.  Mindfully_Black means being keenly aware of all of all things related to the experience of being black, including how to be pro-black while still acknowledging the commonalities we share.  Everyone can benefit from mental well-being.  Explore the rest of the site to learn more about mental health, and get in touch with any questions. Mindfully_Black is here for you.

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Mindfully_Black provides information about common mental health issues, from general facts about various diagnoses to strategies for stress management

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Too often the disenfranchized have limited access to mental health services.  Since knowledge is power, Mindfully_Black seeks to provide various resources to help improve the quality of minority mental well-being and change the stigma of mental health services.



This is not meant to be formal psychotherapy.  Instead, Mindfully_Black aims to help clients achieve their goals through strategy, brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making.  Whenever you work with Mindfully_Black, you can trust that you’re in great hands.  Please download a copy of the coaching agreement below and email a completed copy to  Booking can be done through the website under the "Book Online" section.

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Mon - Fri: 6pm - 9pm PST
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